Sometrics Launches Social Ad Manager

Sometrics has announced the launch its new Social Ad Manager, designed to help developers and social networking sites easily manage and optimize their entire ad inventories from one place – decreasing costs while increasing revenue.

The Social Ad Manager, offered at no charge, aggregates all ad inventory – from third-party ad networks and from the publisher’s own direct ad sales. It eliminates server costs and gives developers and social networks (collectively known as “publishers”) the ability to manage and optimize all inventory in one place.

Sometrics enables publishers to socially target all inventory based on user demographics and social interests, helping them serve ads that their audiences are more likely to be interested in – and therefore more likely to interact with. In addition, the Sometrics Social Ad Manager creates custom reports detailing traffic, making it easy for publishers to package themselves as attractive channels for brands and advertisers wanting to reach the publisher’s audiences.

“We’re making it possible for publishers to apply our social intelligence to their entire ad inventory, to optimize the delivery of their ads and increase revenue,” said Ian Swanson, Sometrics CEO and co-founder. “We’ve built a system that combines analytics, targeting and branding capabilities all designed to help developers and advertisers reach their audiences within the social web. Now our clients can apply this social intelligence to every ad they serve.”

The Sometrics Social Ad Manager includes ad hosting, serving and precision-targeting using the most relevant and effective audience analysis available. The platform is coupled with Sometrics’ groundbreaking social analytics solution, which was created expressly to track and analyze traffic, demographics, interests and actions within the social web.