Socialtext Releases Socialtext 3.0

by Jennifer McClure

I had the pleasure of seeing a demo of the new Socialtext 3.0 a couple of weeks ago, and today I am delighted to finally be able to share my excitement about this latest offering from one of our founding Vendor Council members.

Socialtext today announced and delivered Socialtext 3.0, a trio of applications including Socialtext People and Socialtext Dashboard, as well as a major upgrade to its enterprise wiki offering. The new version includes the following new features and upgrades:

Socialtext Dashboard — personalized and customized dashboards to manage attention across internal and external social network updates, conversations, data, and applications. The alert feed of your colleagues’ activity provides attention management with work context and relevance. Since Socialtext Dashboard supports the OpenSocial gadget standard, users can select widgets from a large library provided by Socialtext as well as from third parties, and arrange them with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Socialtext Workspace — This significant upgrade promises dramatic usability enhancements, improved navigation, tight integration with Socialtext Dashboard as well as Socialtext People, and continued advances for IT administrative efficiency and directory integration.

Socialtext People (optional module available to platform customers) — social networking adapted for the enterprise. Profiles and a user directory make it easy for colleagues to describe themselves and discover implicit and explicit expertise. People can subscribe to the activity of colleagues. Tagging enables users to declare interest and expertise on their profile and others’ profiles, making group forming simple and powerful. Throughout the Socialtext wiki, Profiles are made visible so at any time you can pivot to the people behind the content. Integration with LDAP and Active Directory means companies will be able to make their corporate directories social.

Socialtext Signals — provides safe and secure social messaging with context. Unlike standalone “Twitter-like” tools, Socialtext Signals delivers unique value based on its integration with the rest of the Socialtext platform. Integration with Socialtext People provides context around who is signaling, while integration with Socialtext Workspace provides context around what and why they are signaling. Integration with Socialtext Dashboard provides context around activity updates and the rest of a user’s conversations. Finally, planned integration with email in and out of Socialtext Signals (as Socialtext has supported in its wiki offering for years) enables on- and off-ramps to the tools people already use. Socialtext Signals is currently available in controlled pre-release to a select number of customers.

Socialtext will make all of its offerings available on a hosted ASP as well as an on-premise appliance basis. The entire Socialtext 3.0 trio of products is available immediately on the hosted service, and will be made available to appliance customers starting in October 2008.

The Society for New Communications Research Fellows have been using the “SNCR Wiki” provided by Socialtext since the Society’s inception to collaborate on research studies and other Society initiatives. In addition, we offer a wiki version of our Journal of New Communications Research to allow authors and subscribers to engage in discussion, debate, research paper updates, etc. Socialtext 3.0 will enable SNCR to foster an even greater level of online collaboration, networking, discussion, relationship-building and knowledge-sharing between the Society’s Fellows and our members, and we look forward to continuing to use Socialtext as one of the foundational tools for our organization.