SNCR Issues Call for Papers for Journal of New Communications Research

The Society for New Communications Research seeks papers for its peer-reviewed publication, the Journal of New Communications Research. Submissions should be based on original empirical research, as well as pieces focusing on the theory, strategy and tactical use of new media, social media and collaborative tools. Submissions should be in keeping with the mission of the SNCR: to conduct advanced study on the tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication ( i.e. blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasts, collaborative tools and the growing phenomena of participatory communications) and their effect on traditional media, marketing, public relations and advertising, as well as their broader impact on business, politics, entertainment, culture, education, and society.

Successful submissions will exhibit in-depth, professional/scholarly examinations of these topics, and will be reviewed and chosen based on the quality of research conducted, originality of content, relevance to the Society’s mission and excellence of execution.

Submission Guidelines:

Original Works. Articles that have been previously posted or published in whole or in part will not be considered for inclusion. The SNCR requests exclusive rights to selected papers for six months after publication of the JNCR.

Literature Review. Research papers should include a literature review.

Format. Please submit written works in a Word or text file. All text, including title, headings, references, quotations, figure captions and tables should be typed double-spaced with one-inch margins. Please use a font size of 12.

Length. Manuscripts, including all references, tables and figures, should be approximately 3,500-5,000 words, and should not exceed 7,500 words. Submissions that significantly exceed this limit may not be accepted for review. Tables and figures are encouraged.

Style. For writing and editorial style, authors should follow APA guidelines (the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association). All text pages should be numbered.

Abstract & Keywords. All submissions should include a written abstract of 250 words or less and some keywords. The keywords will be used by readers to search for your article after it is published.

Those interested should submit their papers via email to by October 1, 2008 for review for the next issue. For more information, contact the Society at +1 (650) 331-0083 or via email at


The SNCR also seeks financial support for this important project. Sponsorships allow us to pay for copyediting, design and publishing services and the creation of the JNCR wiki. There are several levels of sponsorship available:

JNCR Supporter: $500 – three copies of the JNCR + online access for 3 people in your organization ($180 value), 1/2 page acknowledgment in the Journal + name and link in wiki version

JNCR Sponsor: $750 – five copies of the JNCR + online access for 5 people in your organization ($300 value) and 1/2 page acknowledgment in the Journal; logo and link in wiki version

JNCR Donor: $1,200 – 10 copies of the JNCR + online access for 10 people in your organization ($600. value); full page acknowledgment in the Journal; logo, company description and link in wiki version