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Division: Corporate
Category: Mobile Media
Company: Edelman Mobile for Dove

Unilever’s ( DOVE brand needed to introduce its new “go fresh” line of deodorants and personal wash products by engaging 20-Something women around a new kind of dialogue, and empower them to view their lives in a fresh way and have fun while doing so.

Dove wanted to generate awareness and excitement for Dove gofresh personality/tone and product collection among the often elusive 20-Something female consumer, and deliver Dove go fresh messaging in fresh way.

In addition, Dove needed to push the Dove go fresh story beyond immediate launch to sustain consumer interest and maximize opportunities for awareness. The target audience was 20-something women.

The overall program objectives were to:
a) generate awareness and excitement for Dove go fresh tone and product collection,
b) speak to the 20-Something female audience in a fresh, new way, and
c) push the conversation beyond immediate launch to sustain consumer interest

Dove’s primary objectives for the mobile program were to:
a) Enhance consumer engagement with its Dove go fresh “Fresh Takes” content and tone, and
b) Drive episodic viewership of its “Fresh Takes” micro-series content

DOVE wanted to introduce its new “go fresh” line of deodorants and personal wash products by engaging 20-Something women around the “critical inner voice” issue and empower them to view their lives in a fresh way. Dove partnered with MTV to produce a 3.5 minute micro-series called “Fresh Takes” staring Alicia Keys, and aired during episodes of “The Hills” from March 24 to April 21. Dove also worked with Us Weekly to create a “20 Questions for 20 Somethings” editorial spread in Us Weekly issues from March through June, featuring Alicia Keys and other 20-something celebrities.

Edelman Mobile ( developed a mobile overlay to the entire program which brought disparate platforms and content opportunities together and created one centralized engagement method as the “connective tissue” for the consumer campaign.

1) Consumer engagement through voting, polling and sweepstakes.
– Consumers watching “Fresh Takes” on MTV voted via text to influence content in the final episode
– Consumers reading Us Weekly’s “20 Questions for 20 Somethings” texted in with questions for celebrities featured in future issues
– Consumers attending Shecky’s events in select cities (18 total) texted-in to win a “Fresh Takes” spa getaway and a year supply of Dove go fresh
2) Relationship building and continued dialogue through alerts. Consumers who opted-in from the votes, polls and sweepstakes referenced above received ongoing messages including:
– “Fresh Takes Takeaways” — inspirational messages based on each “Fresh Takes” episode which was sent during the MTV airing of that episode.
– Tune-in reminders regarding episodes airing on MTV
– Updates regarding content featured on the mobile Web site, and
– Offers to enter to win a “Fresh Takes” spa getaway vacation
3) Further engagement and “Fresh Takes” viewership through a mobile Web site. Consumers who received alerts referenced above and/or who clicked on mobile banners which ran across targeted mobile Web sites were driven toward the “Fresh Takes” mobile Web site where they could:
– Watch each episode of Dove go fresh “Fresh Takes” micro-series starring Alicia Keys on their mobile phone, or read a text overview of the episode (if handset was not video-enabled)
– Sign up for “Fresh Takes” alerts (referenced above)
– Send site links to friends
– Learn about Dove go fresh products

Consumers engaged with the program from a wide variety of entry points across multiple media platforms:
– Television — MTV watchers could text-in to vote
– Print — Us Weekly readers could text-in questions
– Online — visitors to and Dove’s Facebook pages could enter their mobile number to sign-up for alerts
– Email — recipients of Dove Loyal and MTV “The Hills” emails could sign-up to receive alerts
– On-site — attendees at Shecky’s events could text-in to enter “Fresh Takes” getaway sweepstakes
– Radio — listeners of select stations could enter their mobile number online to receive alerts
– Mobile web — Visitors to female 20-something mobile sites could click on banners to visit the “Fresh Takes” mobile Web site

Edelman Mobile created communication strategies specific to each activation channel to ensure that the relationship and dialogue were authentic to the target audience and situation, and that each activation opportunity was trackable for engagement measurement and channel comparison.

Team and Tools:
Edelman Mobile – mobile strategy, communications planning, implementation and reporting
Vibes Media (text messaging delivery and implementation)
Quattro Wireless (mobile web development and advertising delivery)

Results: The program delivered nearly 4MM mobile exposures, reached nearly 200M unique subscribers and delivered an anytime, EVERYWHERE connection for the brand.