Education, Collaboration and Innovation at Intel using Social Media

By Rich Reader

At a general meeting of the Society for New Communications Research, Jen McClure asks the panelists to give a view into education, collaboration, and innovation.

Ken E. Kaplan says that the silos remain present & visible, but that SM facilitates cross-pollenation. Individual pioneers and experts transport early stage thought between groups. The desire to contact and invite staff to events in different groups spurs further innovation.

The “Center of Excellence” manages the traffic for education in the proper use of Intel blogs, which are branded content. Over 500 people have taken classes in the “Digital IQ” curriculum.

Intel’s official “Guidelines for Social Media” were first published in December 2008 ( ).

Education is mandated for bloggers who publish from Intel to the outside world. Ken describes the curriculum as it has been segmented across different levels of expertise, similar to university course enumeration.